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Hal Barr Shares His Lessons on The First Billion

Jan 27 2016

hal barrSales guru Hal Barr turned author spent ten years at AIM from 1995 to 2005, with his final position as Director of Sales Strategy and Planning. "AIM was the highlight of my working career. It was a phenomenal place to work.  Ted Bauer, Bob Graham and Gary Crum drove a sense of community and family. I had not eperienced it before then and I have not experienced it after AIM. When the take over came thorugh it definitely changed the whole complexion of the company. And with the passing of Ted Bauer, the change was complete," reflects Hal.

Now Hal is focused on selling a book he authored. What I learned, shares Hal is that whether you sell widgets or financial services, "it is mostly psychology and art rather than science". Hal spent the last year and a half driving a limo, thereby giving him the down time to write his book. "It was humbling, but it gave me the time to complete a passion. Now I am working with that company to help them grow their business," shares Hal.

His sales knowledge and experience are shared in his book, The First Billion’s The Toughest which is available as a hard cover and an eBook on Kindle. Hal says of his publication:

It is the culmination of 30 years in the profession of sales and highlights the many insights and lessons learned. From first reader reviews , people found it insightful, interesting and valuable in raising their sales to a new level.

Hal Barr, Author

"I learned that you can really craft your skills after one billion. Being in the financial services industry, they come in at the tens and thousands. The book is there to circumvent the 15 years it took me to get the first billion. The second billion took me three years. It takes a lot of time to make the first billion," says Hal.

Read an excerpt from the book below:

"That is what sales is all about — it is making people feel comfortable with the decisions they make. If you would admit it, we are all engaged in wide varieties of activities that are in essence sales each day, be it trying to make a point during a board meeting in your workplace, or persuading our kids to heed our advice. Probably, the biggest sales proposition you will ever make is persuading someone to marry us; it is simply an attempt to sell something — love — to a person to whom you are attracted. I mean seriously, it does not get any bigger than that. To say we hate selling may be true, since we are all involved in selling each day of our lives, we could tell that understanding the Art, Science and Method of sales can help us become more successful in any endeavor we pursue."

Make an advance purchase at  As ever, we are proud of the talented individuals of AIM and their great accomplishments.

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