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Jan 21 2016

With this article we are sharing an outstanding story about Mandy, the daughter of Ronnie Stein, a former AIM employee.

Mandy, after graduating from the University of Texas in May 2013, transformed her passion to make a difference into reality by creating Neema International, a non profit organization that’s primary focus is investing in the lives of East Africa’s promising youth through education and sustainable building projects.

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From a very early age, Mandy knew she wanted to make a difference in the world. After an initial vacation to Kenya in 2007, Mandy had the opportunity to return to Africa the summer of 2011 (after her Sophomore year of college) for a five-week structured volunteer program called Cross Cultural Solutions. Mandy fell in love with Tanzania and it’s people and this was the beginning of a very special relationship with the Tuleeni Orphanage in the remote village of Rau, located in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania.

The Tuleeni Orphanage is home to nearly one hundred orphaned and/or vulnerable children. Through the support of hundreds upon hundreds of donors, Mandy and Neema International are sending over seventy-five children to private school this year, up 50% from each of the previous two years that Neema Int’l has been involved. This incredible support has also allowed Neema Int’l to build the brand new Tuleeni Orphans’ Home and Tuleeni Academy in it’s new location of Uru, another village in the shadows of Mt Kilimanjaro.


The momentum we are experiencing as we begin 2016 is phenomenal. So many of our AIM friends have become part of the Neema family, and the work and progress that is being done is happening even quicker than we could have ever expected.

Ronnie Stein on Neema International

Says Ronnie. “We are looking so forward to the grand opening this Spring and reaching even more children than before”.

The Tuleeni Orphanage was featured on CBS for the 26th annual Courage in Sports show, which had a huge spotlight on Mandy and her orphanage as part of their segment on another outstanding youth, Austin Gutwein, Founder of Hoops of Hope.

Read about Mandy’s work as Executive Director of Neema International and her dedicated work on behalf of the Tuleeni Orphanage on her website ( Follow Neema International on Facebook and Instagram for an up to date look into the work of the organization.

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