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Joab Salce: From Houston to Austin

Aug 13 2014

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In 1996, Joab Salce started his AIM career in FAS working for Mary Gentempo. He went on to work in various IT roles throughout his tenure, finally leaving Invesco’s Market Data Services in 2007. Joab then moved from Houston to Austin to work for AIM alumnus Jay Freeman at Dimensional Fund Advisors. Other AIM alumni at the firm include Robert Trotter, Denise Jewell and Paul Wise.

Following his tenure at Dimensional Fund Advisors, Joab worked at Charles Schwab and is currently employed by National Financial Partners (NFP).

Mel Joab 2Like many former AIM employees, Joab has a deep appreciation for his time at AIM and especially for the three founders. “Ted Bauer’s commitment to his employees is something I have not seen repeated at any other company. It was an amazing place. What Ted did for The University of Houston defines who he is. You do not find this kind of mentality at other places, even other privately held companies where I have worked,” finds Joab.

“Much of my success I owe to all the wonderful co-workers and mentors that invested themselves and their precious time in me. I wouldn't be a success without all of those that sacrificed a small piece of their lives for me. While some founders were quieter than others, they all shared a deep regard for the employees. They treated everyone like family. There was no doubt that employees really meant something to them. They never held back on anything. They were generous with benefits and went above and beyond what any other company did for its employees. I will always value the years I worked at AIM. Nothing has or likely will compare to what I learned, what I was exposed to, and to the people who made AIM so special,” shares Joab.

“I certainly miss the environment and I appreciate reading about what others are doing now.”


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