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Jack Broyles Uses His Skill To Make a Difference

Jun 25 2014

jackbroylesJack Broyles works with financial advisors through his company Jack Broyles and Associates. His focus? He ensures that financial managers are equipped to better serve clients who have early onset or are already suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Geared to advisers and their clients, Jack’s events go through the steps a financial advisor should follow. “There are compliance issues because the individuals are vulnerable and planners need to document the signs they see and understand people often do not seek help until there is a house set on fire, or a family member walks into a stranger’s house and the family get a phone call,” explains Jack.

Most recently, Jack was invited by two former AIM colleagues to speak at the Merrill Lynch Symposium in Orlando, Florida. “Gene Needles and Scott Widder are both with American Beacon and they invited me to address a break out session. These sessions are always well received,” shares Jack.

“My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2000 and I saw the toll it takes. There are too many individuals out there who are suffering from memory loss and early onset Alzheimer’s and it is critical that a financial planner is aware of the signs and prepared to take action,” says Jack.

Jack shares how important it is that people understand the illness and the signs. He explains that five million individuals in the US have been diagnosed, but double that number are showing signs and have not been diagnosed. “Before diagnosis or in the early stages is when to get things done. When your clients are still in the moment and can plan properly. They can still be involved,” Jack has learned.

jack broyles actionFollowing his mother’s diagnosis, Jack got involved with the Dallas Chapter of Alzheimers where he served on the Board and was Chairman of the Board in 2010. In 2012, he started presenting on the subject and he has 60 events booked this year. “Alzheimers is impacting so many people. Every sixty seconds another American develops Alzheimer’s disease. You cannot stop it, slow it down, and you cannot prevent it. There is so much we don’t know about the brain. We can open the stomach, take out the heart, fix it and put it back. We can’t do that with the brain,” explains Jack.

Talking to Jack, you see the same level of enthusiasm and dedication that made Jack so successful during his years at AIM.

“We were in an environment with talented management and marketing professionals. We had great products and marketing materials, and they gave us the incentives to do the best we could. And we did. When I came on board in 1993, we raised 5 billion and by 2000 that number increased to 38.5 billion. It is incredible what we could accomplish. We had the support to go out and do it,” recalls Jack.

One of my fondest memories is meeting Patti Hefley when I went in to interview with Mike Cemo and Jim Salners, and later with Gordon Sprague. I met Patti first. I came back to do my 20 minute presentation and Patti said, ‘Jack good luck we are all rooting for you’.

Ted Bauer cared about all of the employees. Each quarter there was a new employee meeting and I would then talk about the retirement plan. Ted wanted people investing. It was 1996 or 1997 and we had our sales meeting after the new employee meeting. Ted said to me, “100% signed up. That is the best participation ever. What did you tell them?” he asked me. “Invest and take your match, and when you get to Ted’s age you won’t have to work,” I replied. He laughed and said, “Hell, when they get to my age they will be dead.” “Ted cared about everyone. He was a wonderful man,” remembers Jack.

Another fond memory that Jack recalled and said people still talk about today is Jim Salners and the charter check-book that Jim came up with. Jack commented, like many AIM Alumni, how his time at AIM has impacted his personal life and how he remains in touch with many of his friends. In particular, he enjoyed driving to Houston in April for the AIM Alumni happy hour where it was so much fun seeing everyone. Read more about Jack Broyles and Associates and his work preparing financial advisors to work with individuals suffering from Alzeimer’s disease at



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