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In Memoriam: Kamelia Ishak

May 20 2014

Sheri Morris shared on the AIM Alumni website that Kamellia Ishak passed away April 30. Kamelia holds the distinction of having been at the firm longer than anyone else, including the founders. She began her career at AIM over 35 years ago as one of the first fund accountants. Kamellia was an integral part of the foundation of the fund administration team. Her kindness and warmth which she so freely shared with all will be greatly missed.

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  • Bob Graham
    Bob Graham

    Kamelia joined AIM early in its history and stayed longer than anyone else. She was loved by everybody for her friendliness and dedication. She epitomized the loyalty that made AIM such a great company. She will indeed be missed.

    02 September 2014 : 10:24 Comment Link
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