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Sheila Schubarth: A Move To Baltimore and Affectionate AIM Memories

Mar 12 2014

sheila1Sheila Simmons Schubarth shares that she enjoys receiving and reading the AIM Alumni eNewsletters. “I always love reading what everyone is up to. I was at AIM/Invesco for 16 years so there are quite a few familiar faces and people featured. It is a great way to keep up with people” said Sheila.

Sheila Schubarth made a huge career and lifestyle change in August when she decided to leave Invesco – and Houston – for a position as Global Communications Compliance Manager for T. Rowe Price in Baltimore. “One day I saw an opportunity on Ignites. I talked about it with my family and they thought I should go for it. All of my family are in Houston so it was a difficult decision. My family has remained in Houston where my sons are in first, second and third grade while I started my job and learned about the community. I had no idea about where we should live, where good schools are, etc. Thankfully my college roommate lives nearby and the firm has been so welcoming. In fact, the culture at T. Rowe Price reminds me very much of AIM,” shares Sheila.

In addition to her family and career, Sheila is passionate about helping others and was chair of Invesco Cares Houston, where she worked closely with Meggan Walsh. Once again, Sheila found her network valuable as Meggan is from the Baltimore region and has helped to provide insights into the local area and surroundings.

Sheila has made a major career change before. “Before I joined AIM in August 1997, I was a social worker. I reinvented myself and moved into the for profit world, joining the training department of AIM Distributors. I loved that AIM gave me so many opportunities. From there I joined AIM Private Asset Management, an amazing group led by Mark McMeans, and then joined Kamala Sachidanandan, who I worked with in APAM in legal and compliance for the last seven years. I am thankful to have made many lifelong friends at AIM.”

sheila2Like other AIM Alumni who have been interviewed, Sheila loved all the opportunities at AIM for personal and professional growth. She shares that there was a collegial atmosphere. “I knew my work associates through business and as really good friends. It was not an easy decision to move, but it was such a great opportunity and my family was supportive.” As we finished talking about AIM, Sheila shared that she was in the new hire day at T. Rowe Price and the man sitting next to her looked familiar. When they talked to one another, they realized Keith (Blackmon) was in Sheila’s training at AIM 15 years ago.

Sheila looks forward to the continued satisfaction in her new career and community and to her sons joining her when the school year finishes. You can contact Sheila at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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