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In Memoriam: Stacey Frakes

Jan 20 2014

Stacey Frakes, who started at AIM in 1996, passed away Wednesday, July 3, 2013. Stacey battled breast cancer for ten years, but refused to let her cancer define her, working at Invesco right up to the end. As a portfolio administrator, she was in money markets for a long time and also worked with derivatives. She was at the office the Friday before she passed away, running a meeting. Those who worked with her share that Stacey lived to add value and make a difference. True to the AIM values and sense of community, Stacey was often supporting others whose family members were battling cancer.

Shares her friend, Adrienne Ebrahim who is also an AIM alumnus and works at Invesco, “I was impressed how Stacey kept a positive attitude. When she passed away, people were shocked. Most everyone at Invesco did not realize how unwell Stacey was. Her cancer was relentless and spread from her breasts to her bones to her lungs. She was always very positive, trying anything to beat the odds and survive. She was a real inspiration."

Stacey is survived by two sisters and a brother who are local and were there supporting her. Her mom took her to the hospital and Adrienne often went with them both. “The irony of Stacey’s story is unbelievable,” said Adrienne. “She went with me when I had a lump checked and then she was diagnosed with cancer several years later. I tried to be there for her as much as she was for me. Then her Mom died several years before Stacey of stage IV cancer. Just a few month before Stacey passed her Dad died. Her brother lived with Stacey and was a huge help. She had great support from her family and in the end she was surrounded by the people she loved and who loved her. I miss my friend dearly; she was the type of friend you keep for a lifetime

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