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Feb 08 2023

AIM employees volunteered with Dress for Success for many years, and this year, Dress for Success kindly opened their parking lot when we gathered at Kirby Ice House. 

As a thank you, we are sharing stories of AIM Alumni who support Dress for Success, both presently, and from their time at AIM. To donate to Dress for Success or to learn about how you can support their mission, click here.

Angie Eason joined AIM in 1998 and says she “grew up at AIM”. “I was around employee number 800,” said Angie. “It was an incredible growth year. During my early years at AIM, I got married, had both my children and made friends whom I remain close to today. There was great camaraderie at the firm, and I learned what it was like to work in a big company.”

Angie currently works in Human Resources at Comcast in Houston and has served on the DFS Houston board for over a year. Angie first learned about Dress for Success when her sister would give her gently used suits and clothing. “When my sister passed away, we gave her business clothing to Dress for Success,” said Angie. “I thought DFSH were ‘just about the clothes’. But after donating, I learned more about what they do and now I am honored to serve on their Board. In her role at Comcast, Angie represents the company on the DFSH Board. “At Comcast, we are about empowering women, and we support the broad work DFSH does to support women. This includes helping veterans transition into the workforce, providing job skills training, mentorship and even providing transportation vouchers to remove any barriers to getting assistance.” Angie has personally seen how one woman earned her PhD thanks to the support from DFSH. The organization looks at the holistic woman, the sisterhood of providing life skills.

Angie started in HR at AIM, and moved to the transfer agency. She experienced how women were getting real opportunities at AIM, and she had women to look up to, and to emulate. “I was encouraged to try new things and I was supported by my leaders. This helped me throughout my career and I carry through these experiences today. It was a great time in my life and shaped how I work today.”

Kristy Bradshaw and her husband, Chris have been involved with Dress for Success since 2012. Kristy is a member of the Advisory Council, and her husband Chris was on the Board of Directors for 10 years, and is currently on the Advisory Council.

We believe strongly in the power of education and the role of women in lifting up families

Kristy Bradshaw

"I became involved with DFSH 15 years ago by joining Women of Wardrobe (WOW), their young professional group. Lauren Levicki Courville is a dear friend, and she brought me into the organization. I was on the WOW board for many years and then joined the advisory board. My husband, Chris, was on the board of DFSH for a number of years and became their Chair."

We both believe strongly in the power of education and the role of women in lifting up families, specifically that changing the trajectory of the lives of the clients that DFSH serves, changes not only their immediate families but also their surrounding community.

Kristy was a part of the Dividend Value team for fourteen years, and left the firm in August 2020. "For the past 2+ years, I've been serving on a number of non-profit boards (Houston Ballet, Hermann Park Conservancy, Dress for Success Houston, Southern Smoke Foundation, River Oaks Baptist School). I recently joined the Nationwide Mutual Fund board and have greatly enjoyed getting back in the investing world but from a different capacity than before," said Kristy.


Janice Wheelwright Griffin started volunteering with Dress for Success decades ago when she worked at AIM. “At first, they did a suit drive at AIM in which I participated, and then I began volunteering at their center,” said Janice. “I taught financial literacy classes, or I would help out as needed.” Financial literacy became my passion because at AIM, we were educating advisors and teaching them to educate their clients. I thought everyone should know about mutual funds, saving for retirement, and yet this information is not readily available. Having two working class parents, I was taught to get a good job and save my money. I was not introduced to a world about investing or how to save beyond bonds.”

The emphasis placed on education and training was phenomenal. I soaked up so much. We were always learning

Janice Wheelwright-Griffin

Janice is currently a Financial Coach at Houston Community College and remains active in the community, including her involvement with Dress for Success. Mr Bauer was about the people are the product and the product is the people. The emphasis placed on education and training was phenomenal to me. I soaked up so much. We were always learning, and everything expanded our learning and knowledge. To this day, it is one of the greatest places I have worked.” Janice is also involved in the Young Life program which is hosted by Women’s Resource. “I go into public high schools and talk to students about financial literacy,” said Janice. “A cohort of students interested in financial literacy join in freshman year and go through to their senior year. Lunch is provided by Women’s Resource and I participate in the career panel and teach budgeting classes.”


Your (AIM Alumni) generosity throughout the years enabled us to empower more than 46,000 women

Kelly Moneyhan, Director of Development, DFS Houston
"While it all started with the suit 25 years ago with our incredible Co-Founders, Nancy Levicki and Susie Cunningham, we have evolved because of their passion, learning our women’s needs, and our incredible supporter’s investments to support our continued growth" said Kelly Moneyhan, DFS Houston Director of Development. "While we partner with United Way and government agencies, we do not receive funding through them. It is through your commitment, support, and passion AIM Alumni, that we will continue to empower the women of Houston. Your generosity throughout the years enabled us to empower more than 46,000 women with professional attire, and programs such as Financial Literacy, Health and Wellness, Scholarships, Mentoring, and Veteran Workshops. We are proud to be much more beyond the suit."

We are proud to be so much more than the suit

Kelly Moneyhan


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  • Lorraine Lewis
    Lorraine Lewis

    Dress For Success Houston is an organization that I have enjoyed supporting for 10 years, and it is heartwarming to see that my fellow AIM Alumni colleagues believe in these women and support them with their time and treasures. Like others, I began volunteering with Dress For Success as part of AIM Invesco Cares. Once I visited the facility, I was hooked! I volunteer as a First Impressions leader, Dare2Dream workshop presenter, and Women2Women mentor and coach. As the saying goes, I get more than I give! Thank you, Kristy and Janice, for sharing your stories.

    14 April 2023 : 09:23 Comment Link
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