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Apr 15 2022

The AIM Alumni Houston Happy Hour returned in April - hugs were abundant. Smiles were miles long. Everyone was thrilled to return to Kirby Ice House, whether they were able to attend the last one in 2019, or had missed a few. For many, this was their first time to the annual gathering. Pat Bray was the first to arrive, and enjoyed The Masters until Patti Heffley, Ginger Neal and a few others arrived and the volume turned up! With 85 RSVPs, it was such a large turnout that as one person said, "There were so many people I didn’t get a chance to catch up with everyone - I can't wait for next year." For those of you who could not attend, we will soon have the pictures on the Photo Gallery..with 100+ pictures, it will be worth the wait. It was Good Times, just like the sign says! 

It was great to connect with new attendees including Stephanie Herrejon, Gina Parthum, Janice Griffin and Michelle Gibson. Then there were the regulars including Bob Graham, Gary Crum, Sydney Dilgren, Sharon Lester, Sylvia Elizondo, Pat Bray and Tien San Lucas and others including Ginger Neal and Patti Hefley who had missed a few events and were happy to be back.
Linda Julian was thanked by many for managing the AIM Family Funds Facebook page.

Simon Hoyle posted about the event on the FB page, saying, "AIM get together tonight - 100% more proof people are the product. Thanks for the chance to catch up, tell stories, and reminiscence with you, a very dear familiy. Well deserved shout- out to Mama Linda Julian! and others who put us face to face again."

Pamela Stephens said, "What a blast. I was totally lit to see everyone. We truly were and are a family. Loved seeing everyone."

Stephanie Herrejon, Vice President, Human Resources for ZaZa Hospitality, LLC was enjoying seeing so many friends at once. Stephanie was at AIM from 1998-2002, where she was a meeting planner. "I have so many wonderful and heartfelt memories from my time at AIM," said Stephanie.


"As one of the meeting/event planners I was able to work with so many amazing people throughout the company from coordinating Le Peep lunches on the 25th floor (had to have tortilla soup on the menu) to the annual employee golf tournament to various fly-in’s and wholesaler meetings locally and nationally – my job was pretty great! Some of my fondest memories include working with Patricia and Anita from the AIM foundation team, they were always so kind and a highlight of my day. I also had the honor of working on Mr. Ted Bauer’s retirement party. It was a great experience working with so many people throughout AIM who had special touches to contribute to the event in honor of Mr. Bauer. The most unforgettable memory was being the onsite coordinator in Houston at the National Sales meeting on September 11, 2001. It was a team effort helping attendees get home safely. I will never forget. I am very grateful for my time at AIM."

I am still smiling after a wonderful "reunion"

Barrett Sides

AIM get together.. - 100% more proof people are the product

Simon Hoyle

I loved, loved, loved the reconnects

Brandi Jackson Scott

We truly were and are a family

Pamela Stephens


We had some real distance travelers this year

Barrett Sides


"I am still smiling after a wonderful "reunion" - what a lift to see so many happy alumni after a few years off." said Barrett Sides. "We had some real distance travelers this year!  Another great comment on how special and inspiring those years were and how lucky we all were to be a part of it.  And thank you Bob and Gary!  And, of course, Ted.  Until April, 2023!

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