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Remembering Claude Cody Featured

Feb 19 2022


Remembering Claude Cody


Remembering Claude Cody


Claude Cody passed away unexpectedly on Tuesday, February 8, at the age of 70.

Claude Cody joined AIM in 1984, and departed in 2003. Following his time at AIM, Claude worked for Roger H. Jenswold & Co., where he served as one of its Vice Presidents and later purchased the firm with his cousin Melville L. Cody, Jr. The firm became part of the Capstone Financial Group, where he worked as a Senior Vice President until his retirement in 2016, concluding his career with more than 40 years of experience. 

"Claude and I worked with Gary Crum on the High Yield Bond Fund in the early days of AIM," said Polly Ahrendts. "We worked closely on the 19th floor of Greenway Plaza, attended many Junk Bond deal road shows at the old Remington Hotel, and had a lot of laughs during those years. I enjoyed Claude’s slightly formal, yet quirky sense of humor, with his Cheshire cat smile. Claude was always willing to confer and contribute to solve the challenges at hand. I can still see him walking around the 19th floor “Star Trek” trading desk. He will be missed", said Polly.

“Claude loved to talk to people – family, friends, coworkers, institutional salesmen, brokers, strangers," remembers Michaele Brown, who began her AIM career in April, 1994 as a research associate on Claude's team. "In the entrepreneurial AIM days, Claude put this talent to good use as he both managed money and was always ready to help with marketing requests to meet with brokers both in person and over the phone. Claude’s many marketing trips and phone calls helped multiple AIM funds gather and retain assets, and his efforts definitely contributed to AIM’s growth over the years," said Michaele.

"I always enjoyed my interactions with Claude and considering we were at AIM together in the early 1990s and nearly the entire company occupied a single floor of the building, we would cross paths often," said Barrett Sides. "I remember he walked kind of slowly, always ready with a smile. And he was there at a pivotal moment in my career. In 1992, after a couple of years with the firm, I interviewed for a position as an equity analyst for our domestic equity portfolios and was passed over for the role. Claude was the one who had to deliver the news. (I hope it was "had to" and not "got to"!) I told him that, considering the circumstance and anxious to jump start my career, I was likely to apply to business school and move on. He encouraged me to stay and predicted that other opportunities would soon emerge within our fast-growing (indeed!) department. Sure enough, a similar position was created for our international team and I was fortunate to land the job. Honestly, but for the sake of one, well-timed conversation... Thank you." 

Meggan Walsh joined Claude’s team in 1998 and she remembers he was instrumental in helping her to make the transition to equity investing. "As the leader of the team he was approachable, a natural conversationalist and generous with his time," said Meggan. "He served as a valued source of historic knowledge on mergers, acquisitions and corporate actions to younger investors and was always willing to share investing lessons that he had learned. I appreciated how down to earth he was - he was not into fancy clothes or labels. I recall fondly his comment “Wranglers are good enough, thank you”. Words that were tested when a baby girl joined his family. Claude was very proud of his children. He reveled in their milestones and was happiest when recalling his weekend family events," shared Meggan.

Read the full obituary here, and add a memory for the family here.

A memorial service was conducted on Saturday, the 19th of February, in the sanctuary of The Church Of St. John The Divine, 2450 River Oaks Boulevard in Houston. The Rev. Dr. Doug Richnow, Priest Associate officiated.

In lieu of customary remembrances, memorial contributions may be directed to Southwestern University, Attn: Kent Huntsman, PO Box 770, Georgetown, TX, 78627; or to the charity of one's choice.

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  • Dave Barnard
    Dave Barnard

    Another sad surprise. Claude and I spent many times together he was one of "AIM GUYS" that was here when we all stayed on the 19th floor which we expanded over the years until we took over the entire floor and much more. Claude had a sly smile that you had to enjoy. Like Ted Bauer you could always tell when he was in deep thought by his facial expression. He had a great laugh and sense of humor. He made everyone a better person and employee. The two of us had many discussions about the debt of a company and the equity of the company.
    I"m shocked and sadden. He will be missed.

    16 February 2022 : 09:37 Comment Link
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