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One Company, Many Jobs: Reflections Upon Retirement Featured

May 07 2021

In 1985, Leslie Schmidt's first job with KPMG (Peat Marwick at the time) was to audit funds and the management company at a small firm with fewer than 50 employees that occupied half of the 19th floor of 11 Greenway Plaza. The company was A I M Management Group.

Many people forget that Leslie Schmidt first worked at AIM as an auditor for KPMG. She has been a fixture at the firm for so long. Leslie learned what a fax machine, tick marks and a mutual fund were during her first week at AIM. More importantly, she learned more about her primary client, and by 1992 she joined AIM.
Leslie read the book After the Trade is Made: Processing Securities Transactions from cover to cover, part of her interest in learning the business, and in her almost 29 years with the firm, she says she kept the same company, while changing jobs, some in London and Dublin, and continuously learning and enjoying new challenges.
“Houston had a number of mutual fund and fund management companies,” remembers Leslie. “My reason for wanting to be and stay at AIM was the positive attitude, challenging work and the environment of teamwork. Senior leadership was approachable as well – this was all so enticing to me.”

My first job with KPMG was to audit funds at a small firm, A I M Management Group.

Leslie Schmidt

“As a team, Bob, Gary and Ted were a great leadership team, and a great complement to one another. One approach I learned was how Mr. Bauer - whom I finally called Ted after he visited AIM’s very small (10 person) office in London on numerous occasions - would stroll through the much larger AIM Houston office and talk to people. When I spent time in London and then returned to Dublin from 2008- 2010, I was head of a 300 person office. How do I stroll around the office and engage in conversation? I would bring chips and Texas Velveeta cheese and rotel and mix it up and familiarize them with chili con queso. I also made jambalaya one time.”

One approach I learned from Ted was strolling through the office - and in Dublin I shared Texas chili con queso!

Leslie Schmidt

Leslie says she never managed a portfolio or traded, but she did most other things at one time or another, including chairing a number of Manco and fund boards. Her longest position was her most recent one. She has been president and CEO of the Invesco Trust Company since 2012.
“It was great timing to retire; and leaving was bittersweet,” said Leslie. The pandemic was helpful as there were no good-byes, but it is regretful as well. There was no real closure.”

I have life-long friends.

Leslie Schmidt

Leslie has no concrete plans for the future, but since her return from Ireland in 2010, she has a page full of to-dos. In addition to tackling that, Leslie has a man in her life. A family friend in Reno, Nevada encouraged Leslie to get a dog.” In fact,” says Leslie, “she was relentless - a real dog with a bone. I relented and now I can say I finally found a man that can put up with me!”
“There will never be another company like AIM. It is amazing the connections I have through AIM or AIMsters. I have life-long friends,” said Leslie.


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