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May 02 2021

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DeDe Wilson posted a picture meeting up with John Blanton, Latrice Hughes and Teresa Hollins. Their friendships blossomed over the tenure at AIM. "We kept in touch on Facebook, we all are foodies so we just decided to try new and different restaurants together. Good friends and good food is always a great combination," said DeDe.

"I have been on one amazing ride with Invesco," said Dede. "I started as a temp at the tender age of 24, brand new mom of a 4 week old. Invesco, allowed me so many opportunities, that allowed me to accomplish so many personal goals." 

Invesco allowed me so many opportunities

DeDe Wilson

So much has changed though and it is so different now. It was so much fun back in the 90’s, but I love what I do and we work from home. So who doesn’t love that. We were working from home way before the pandemic hit. Since the pandemic, I do miss seeing my co-workers."
DeDe shared that she is turning 50 on May 16th and will be getting married on May 30.

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I will be getting married at the end of May

DeDe Wilson



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