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Oct 07 2019

AIM Alumni talent spreads far and wide, and often our colleagues end up back together. In June Andy Andrews joined AIG, and in August Jim Stueve joined the company. There are many AIM Alumni at AIG including Terri Fielder, Cari Baugh, Scott Burman, Ted Etlinger, Christopher Joe, Beth Linesch, Ginger Neal, Kelly Niland and Don Paullo.

Terri Fiedler has been at AIG for 7 years. She joined as Executive Vice President, Strategic Accounts. In May, Terri was named President and CEO of AIG Financial Distributors, the sales organization for the company’s Life and Retirement businesses.

“I have so many fond memories of my time at AIM,” said Terri. “Working at AIM had a positive impact on me personally and professionally.  The Founders (Ted, Bob and Gary) created a culture of entrepreneurship and provided employees career opportunities. They made the employees feel valued and provided strong leadership through the good and the challenging times. I do my best to emulate those qualities,” shared Terri. 

The Founders created a culture of entrepreneurship  - Terri Fielder

"When I first joined AIM I worked in Human Resources and coordinated the New Hire Orientation (NHO)," said Cari Baugh. "At every NHO either Mr. Bauer, Mr. Graham or Mr. Crum would come speak to the new hires without fail. I still remember how much it meant to people – whether fresh out of college or tenured professionals. “People are the product” truly was what the company was founded on."

Cari Baugh, Beth Linesch, Terri Fiedler, Ken Kovar, Kelly Niland and Don Paullo

Beth Linesch has been at AIG for 12.5 years. She is Associate Director of Creative Services/Brand Manager. Her team creates all marketing materials for AIG Retirement Services and Fixed Annuities.

Don Paullo is Vice President, Head of Private Credit Trading at AIG. He joined the AIG private credit team in 2001 after a few years in various other roles on the AIG public credit desk.  

“I respect how AIM’s founding leadership continue to foster the AIM Alumni connections,” said Don. “I have many fond memories as a trading assistant on the money market desk.  I worked for AIM from 1995-1998; it was an exciting time for AIM as AUM was growing rapidly.  I take pride in my years at AIM which gave me a foundation in investment management and set me on my career path to AIG where I have proudly worked since 1998.  AIM managed to recruit some very bright people, and I often come across another AIM Alumni in the Houston investment community.  My manager, Ted Etlinger, is the group head of Private Credit and is a fellow AIM alumnus.”

I respect how AIM's founding leadership continue to foster the AIM Alumni connections - Don Paullo

In addition to building corporate connections, Don builds them in his local community. As of Hurricane Harvey, Don is also known as “The guy with the green canoe” by AIG’s response team. While Don shares that he wasn’t doing anything different than thousands of other people, his story helping others in his neighborhood touched the hearts of many. His efforts to help others started with a dog stuck on a kitchen counter a few houses down the street, to helping evacuate neighbors.

You can see the heartwarming story on Hearts of Heroes.

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